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Everybody Physical Therapy can help you with issues related to motor vehicle accident injuries at both our Portland and Vancouver locations. Please read through some of the content listed below for more information on MVAs.

Motor Vehicle Accident

At Everybody physical therapy we can aid in quicker recovery from injuries sustained in auto  accidents such as whiplash, neck pain, low back pain, ligament injuries and others. In  the acute phase the focus will be on pain reduction with manual therapy, modalities, and  exercises as tolerated. Strengthening under supervision in the clinic and participation…
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Whiplash is defined as an injury to the cervical spine (neck) caused by an abrupt jerking motion of the head, either  backward or forward. This typically occurs in automobile accidents. At Everybody physical therapy we can aid in  quicker recovery from injuries sustained in auto accidents. We understand how pain puts your life on hold…
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Muscle Injuries

There are three main categories of muscle injuries or dysfunctions. Muscle spasms, strains, and tears. Muscle  spasms usually occur early after an injury. This feels like tightness in the muscles in the area attempting to  protect that area. This is sometimes, but not always, painful. A muscle strain occurs when a muscle or the tendon …
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