Muscle Injuries

There are three main categories of muscle injuries or dysfunctions. Muscle spasms, strains, and tears. Muscle  spasms usually occur early after an injury. This feels like tightness in the muscles in the area attempting to  protect that area. This is sometimes, but not always, painful. A muscle strain occurs when a muscle or the tendon  that attachers it to the bone is overstretched or torn. Muscle strains are also called pulled muscles. Muscle  strains usually occur during activities that require the muscle to tighten forcefully. The muscle is strained  either because it is not properly stretched, or warmed up, before the activity; it is too weak; or because the  muscle is already injured and not allowed time to recover. So, many muscle strains occur during exercise or sports  activities. They can also occur when lifting heavy objects.

Exercise and patient education are very powerful components of treatment of these conditions. After a through  evaluation Everybody Physical Therapy can help you recover from and prevent future injury.

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