Orthopedic Issues

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At Everybody Physical Therapy we treat a wide variety of orthopedic issues.

In addition to treating patients with acute injuries, pain, and loss of function, we can help prevent the onset and/or slow the progression of conditions resulting from chronic pain, disease, and other causes.  Our therapists are skilled at evaluating the root cause of the symptoms and establishing a plan that typically includes manual therapy, specific exercises, patient education, and modalities.

Everybody Physical Therapy is different from many other physical therapy clinics because when you come to Everybody Physical Therapy you will see the same physical therapist at each and every visit.  Your appointment will consist of one-on-one time and you will never be in a gym being supervised by an assistant or aide.  Our goal is to design a program that can be done independently at home.  Most patients benefit from manual therapy and typically there will be some hands-on treatment at each appointment.

The primary goal will be to instruct the patient/client how to heal themselves and prevent future injury. The patient/client will be a part of the team and participate in the treatment course given.

Our list of "What We Treat" is a great resource of information about specific issues.  Please browse through the categories and if you don't find the information you are looking for and/or have questions contact us.

We would be happy to set up a complimentary phone consult with one of our physical therapists at our Portland or Vancouver office.

Additionally you can access our frequently asked questions and what to expect at my first appointment pages.