Sciatica is often characterized by pain the shoots down the leg, with or without low back pain associated with it.  Sometimes there are also symptoms of numbness and tingling in the lower extremity. The pain is caused by irritation  of the main nerve into the leg, the sciatic nerve. This pain tends to be caused where the nerves pass through and  emerge from the lower bones of the spine (lumbar vertebrae) or as they pass under a muscle called the piriformis.

At Everybody Physical Therapy a thorough evaluation is performed on each individual patient. From this evaluation a  treatment program and patient specific goals are set in a team approach. The team approach includes the patient as  an active participant. The goals and treatment program are chosen based on the particular needs of the individual.  Patients are instructed in how to protect the spine with activities they want to return to whether it be mopping the  floor or playing basketball. A strengthening, flexibility, and overall stabilization program is established with  emphasis on patient education and prevention.

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