Sports Injuries

The goal of sport injury rehabilitation is to return an athlete to their sport as soon as is safely possible. The focus  of your treatment will be to decrease pain, improve range of motion and increase strength. Once symptoms decrease, your  treatment will incorporate skills specific to your sport. Toward the end of your rehab, you will be taught exercises to  help prevent further injury.

Sports training and fitness can help you get more out of your workouts, prevent injury, improve athletic performance, and  allow you to participate in sports throughout your life. At Everybody Physical Therapy a thorough evaluation is performed  on each individual patient. From this evaluation a treatment program and patient specific goals are set in a team  approach. The team approach includes the patient as an active participant. The goals and treatment program are chosen  based on the particular needs of the individual. Exercises will be determined by the particular sport the patient wants  to return to and the specific deficiencies determined in the evaluation.

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