What to Expect at My First Appointment Pelvic Floor


What to expect on your first visit?


  • Most patients have questions concerning what to expect during the initial evaluation when addressing pelvic health. Typically, the first visit is a total of one hour in duration. The first half is dedicated to understanding the patient’s greatest concerns and collecting information to guide treatment. The second half consists of a pelvic examination, a brief educational session related to pelvic health, and possibly a postural or low back screening.


  • In order to properly assess the pelvic floor muscles, an internal muscle exam is encouraged. Many patients with pelvic floor dysfunction have lost the ability to properly command the muscles to contract and relax.  During this brief examination, the physical therapist is capable of assessing strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility and tenderness of the muscles that make up and surround the pelvic floor.  The pelvic exam involves the physical therapist assessing the pelvic floor by gently inserting one gloved and lubricated finger into either the vagina or rectum to assess muscle tone, motor control, strength, nerve/muscle/coccyx tenderness.  Given examination results, the therapist can determine the best course of treatment specific to each individual.



  • Is there anything I should bring to my appointment?
    • Wear loose fitting clothes
    • If convenient, bring any recent diagnostic test results
    • If necessary, a list of current medications may also be helpful
    • Any questions or concerns you may have concerning pelvic health.
    • Insurance card/s
    • Photo ID such as driver's license
    • Referral or Rx from physician if applicable
    • You are welcome to bring a significant other, family member or friend
    • Paperwork can be filled out at the time of the appointment (come 15 min early), or you can print the forms and fill them out prior to your appointment.