I am very grateful that my doctor recommended  EVERYBODY Physical Therapy. I found Andrea Hughbanks to be a very experienced and knowledgeable therapist.

I learned with great relief, that with her help and therapy, I can help myself stay active and strong.


Ann Topping is a miracle-worker!  She has, and is, helping me heal myself.  Not only assisting with teaching me how to better take care of myself such as; correct posture, new muscle exercises, strengthening strategies, but she also encourages healthier life-style adjustments.  Because of Ann, I am in less pain than I have been since 2003 when I fractured my back!  Ann's wisdom, knowledge and genuine caring are a blessing to my life!  I have and will, continue to tell others about her help and skills and suggest she and Everybody Physical Therapy will greatly assist them in experiencing a higher quality of pain-free living.  All of you, Marcy included, have been such a blessing to me!

Susan H.

Can't recommend this place enough. I've been to see quite a few PTs for my knee and back pain and Andrea, the founder, was hands down the best, nicest, most helpful therapist I've ever seen.
She developed an excellent routine that's made a huge difference in my life.


I would just be echoing the other positive reviews below so I will keep it succinct. Andrea is fantastic. She took the time to educate me about the problem I was having to really be able to understand the treatment. She was able to resolve my issue in a radically condensed time, leaving me highly impressed and pain free. I highly recommend Everybody PT!

Nobu D.